Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour

This weekend I went to London again. This time my sister and I spent our friday over at Warner Bros. Studio and the Harry Potter Studio Tour! We were as excited as the kids we are when we finally got there. Since the middle of November the studio has been getting ready for Christmas, meaning we got to experience Hogwarts in the Snow. We had an amazing time, and I am now going to just bombard you with pictures. Enjoy! 
Christmas tree just inside the entrance.
A Ford Anglia and the globe thing on the inside of the astronomy tower.
Starbucks has found its way to Hogwarts
The cupbord under the stairs was located by the queue.
Piertotum Locomotor!
"I've always wanted to use that spell," - Professor McGonagall
The Great Hall about to be opened by some lucky birthday kids.
Christmas in the Great Hall

Gryffindor clothes, that's Neville's clothes on the left there.
Slytherin Clothes
Ravenclaw clothes, Cho Chang on the left and Moaning Myrtle in the middle.
Hufflepuff clothes, Cedric Diggory second from the right.
The teachers
More teachers
Now we exited the Great Hall to a big room that housed a lot of the props and sets used in the films. We had digital guides, meaning we had Tom Felton's (Draco Malfoy) pleasant voice on our ears, telling us all about the props and the people making them.
The Yule Ball
The chocolate feast. 
Work bench from the guys that does hair.
Costumes, among other some of Luna's.
Umbridge's Educational Decrees
The Gryffindor boys' dormitory! When this set was built for the first movie it was built for eleven year old kids. It was not taken into account that these kids would double in length, so when scenes from when they are older were shot they curled up in bed to make it look like they still fit in the beds. 

The Mirror of Erised.
The Fat Lady.
The Gryffindor Common Room, with clothes from the third movie.
Harry's invisibility cloak
The statue guarding Dumbledore's office.
Dumbledore's office.
The potions classroom, featuring hundres of bottles with various ominous ingredients.
More potions classroom.
They had a montage over all the animals that played Hedwig, Fang, Mrs Norris and, on the picture above, Crookshanks. 
Hagrids hut. They had two versions of the hut in the films. They had this one where all the furniture are oversized to make Harry and the others seem small, and a version were the furniture were undersized to make Hagrid look big.
The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.
The Burrow, with the knife that cuts vegetables by itself. 
The burrow with the pan that washes itself. 
The Burrow with the scarf that knits itself. And the clock that shows where the members of the Weasley family are located. 
Death Eater masks
The Ministry of Magic lobby statue post You-Know-Who.
The Ministry of Magic
Umbridge's office. 
We have now moved into the backlot were I test drove the Ford Anglia. 
The Knight Bus! 
Time to try Butterbeer! The first sip was delicious, all sweet and caramel-tasting. But it soon became a bit nauseating and I had to struggle to drink it all up.
Almost like Guinness, the Butterbeer was slowly changing colour.
The ominous grave of Tom Riddle, here made not so scary framed by blue skies and school children.
Number 4 Privet Drive.
The Hogwarts bridge featured in the third film and onwards. 
The Potters' Cottage in Godric's Hollow
Chess pieces! Takes me back to the PC game.
Moving on to the Creature Shop were many of the creatures of Harry Potter are made with electronics and prostethics.
The Monster Book of Monsters.

Buckbeak. He moved, it was amazing. 
Thestral and baby thestral.
The Hungarian Horntail

 And the next room was Diagon Alley!

The door at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.
A look inside the window of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.
Looked like the street went on, but it was only a flat, painted wall. 
The weirdest fountain/statue I have seen. Facing the wall, of all things!
Drawing room, filled with complicated sketches.
And now we rounded the corner and came into the last room, housing the castle itself. I must admit I almost shed a tear. It was BEAUTIFUL! This is a scaled down, very detailed version of Hogwarts. When shooting the castle exterior in the films this is what they film.

Finally there was a room with thousands of wand boxes. Each box had the name of a person that has worked on making the films.

Then we exited the tour into the gift shop. I wanted to buy everything, but it was quite expensive. I settled on a chocolate frog and a Ravenclaw scarf.

I recommend you all go see this wonder of a tour. Book your tickets, now!

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