Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Guy Fawkes Night

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
the gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason,
why the gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot!

(Not sure of the exact wording of that verse.)

Anyway, it's the 5th of November and Guy Fawkes Night in Britain. They celebrate Guy Fawkes's failure to blow up the Parliament building on the 5th of November 1605 as part of the gunpowder treason and plot. They celebrate with fireworks and bonfires, so this day is also called Bonfire Night or sometimes Firework Night.

I went down to Glasgow Green, a park here in Glasgow, to see the fireworks display. I had no idea what to expect and got there a little over an hour before the fireworks were about to start. There was a traveling funfair, places to buy food and snacks and places to pick up lost children.
There were big screens where two quite known radio personalities were keeping us entertained in the hour leading up to the fireworks. 
They were all: "Commonwealth Games bla bla bladibla Queen's Baton Relay bla bla bla Commonwealth Games bladibla..."(You see, in 2014 Glasgow is hosting the Commonwealth Games and that is all Glaswegians talk about these days.)

Anyway, while they were talking, the park was filling up with 50 000 people. It was a bit crowded, to say the least. 

There were no bonfires in the park, understandable with that many people, but they had 50 tons of fireworks about to go off.

I had no idea which direction the fireworks where going to come from, so I had no idea if I had picked a good spot. It turned out my spot was perfect, as I was right in front of the fireworks. My digital camera have a fireworks function, but the pictures didn't turn out that great. I'll post some of them anyway, because they're funny.
And by some of them I obviously mean 10.

Anyway, the fireworks were cool, but nothing I haven't seen before. What was cool though, was that there were music playing and the fireworks were sort of choreographed to it. First there was the theme from Chariots on Fire, then there was Survivor with Eye of the Tiger, Journey with Don't Stop Believin', Katy Perry with Roar, Lady Gaga with Applause and some more I can't remember.

I tried to film some of it, so have a little bit of Eye of the Tiger:

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