Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Of Flowers and Squirrels

Last friday I finally collected my bank letter at the university. It's a letter from the school that basically confirms I'm a student at the university and where I live. You apply for it by filling out a form on the university's homepage. I kept having to reapply for it, because I kept getting it wrong. First I wrote the wrong dates and the wrong name of the course. The second time I got the course name wrong again, because it wasn't enough to just write study abroad before the course as I first was told. Because there is no such thing as a school of humanities, apparently, I go to the school of art.

Anyway, I finally got my letter and went to my chosen bank to set up an account. I had to make an appointment, and there wasn't any free appointments before tuesday the first of October. So I have to wait until then to finally set up an account and start paying my tuition and accommodation fees.

After the bank, I thought I would go a bit further up Byres Road and see if there was anything interesting to gawk at. I found my second Tardis, which is set into the fence by the botanical gardens.
I remembered driving past here on one of my first days, on a bus tour arranged by the university. I decided to have a look at the botanical gardens, seeing as I am a bit career damaged due to my summer job. I go around looking at flowers now.
This one was really big, it looked like a giant rhubarb.

There was this really tame squirrel I fell totally in love with. It actually climbed up my leg and up to my shoulder in search of food. Sadly it was quick to climb down when it discovered I didn't have any grub.  I didn't even get a picture of it sitting on my shoulder. Got a picture of it on the ground, though.

Grandmother Willow!

Outside the botanical gardens there is a church that has a halo around its spire. It's kind of cool.

I also took some more pictures of the main building of the university on my way home. I've heard rumours that J.K. Rowling based her Hogwarts on the university's main building, and I will go with that. Mainly so I can say I go to Hogwarts.

I go to Hogwarts.

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