Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Another Childhood Chapter Closed

Yesterday, instead of studying for my exams, I decided to finish that book I started about three months ago. This book was Oblivion, the last installment of the Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz. I started reading this series in what feels like my youth, but which probably was around the age of 15/16.

The publication dates of the series looks like this:
Raven's Gate (2005)
Evil Star (2006)
Nightrise (2007)
Necropolis (2008)
Oblivion (2012)

I think I read the first three books in 2007, and was instantly thirsting for more.
In the first book we meet 14-year-old orphan Matthew Freeman who's sent to a middle-of-nowhere village in Yorkshire on a fostering programme for a crime he didn't commit. He soon discovers there is something off about his new guardian, about the whole village. Without revealing to much of the plot, he find himself in the middle of an ancient battle with the Old Ones, the source of evil, and learn that he is one of five gatekeepers to stop it all.
In Evil Star we meet Pedro, in Nightrise we meet the twins Scott and Jaimie Tyler and in Necropolis Scarlett Adams. They all try to escape the Old Ones and come together.

Now that they are all introduced it is time for Oblivion.

When Necropolis came out I bought it as soon as the pocket version hit the shelves, but I didn't read it. I thought I would wait for the last book. Oblivion finally came in late 2012 and I waited for the pocket version in 2013, so it would all look nice and symmetrical on my bookshelf. Of course they went and changed the design, as is often done when new installments in series are late to arrive. I could go on and on about how much I don't like this, but maybe another time.

Now a problem with me is that my memory when it comes to books (and films and tv-series) isn't tip top. So when I finally had all five books in front of me I of course had no idea what had happened in the first three books. That means re-reading! Which I quite like to do. I was a little scared at first, what if I don't like them as much now as I did six years ago? I needn't have worried though. I started reading Raven's Gate in early August and 11 days later I had read the first four book and was starting on Oblivion.

But this time of year, the end of August is pretty busy for me with arranging Torucon and flying off to university straight afterwards. I got about halfway through Oblivion before Torucon and university consumed me. And sometimes, if you're really into a book and put it away for a while you kind of loose interest. You pick up the book after a few weeks and think, where was I again? What happened last? Why was this exciting? At least this often happens to me and it happened with Oblivion.

But yesterday I picked it up, sprawled out on my bed and read the last 200 pages. It was exciting and nerve wrecking. I had expected some tears, but everything happened so quickly at the end there that I didn't have time to cry. Plus that I had sort of predicted some of it.

I quite liked the end. It made sort of sense everything happening as it did. I can't say anything more without revealing what happens, and I don't like spoiling people. You should all go read the series yourselves now. I highly recommend it.

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